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Medical & Clinic
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Medical & Clinical: Doctor, can you help me?

You rub your hands together when your patient sits in front of you, and of course you are ready to help. You can think of many dirty things you could do, but first you need to examine your sex partner thoroughly. Throw on some black disposable gloves, get the lube out of the cupboard and you're ready to go. But wait, what is that? You'll have to take a closer look, won't you? What a luck you have our anal spreader also in your playroom and can intensify your investigation.

It doesn't take much to find the right look for horny clinic play, with our selection you are already well-equipped. But no matter if you're just miming the doctor at a fetish party or if you're eating up your sex partner on the couch, nothing goes without gloves. Classic white or beguiling black? If you can't decide, just take them both and always alternate.

Medical look: How you become the star at every fetish party

You're still looking for the perfect fetish wear for the next gay party and want to make it clear right away who you are? Then you are perfectly served with our looks. Whether it's the hot latex fetish apron that really shows off your upper body and makes your counterpart tremble or the neoprene fetish apron, they're all afraid of your treatment. You can calm them down and make them a little sharper by first prescribing poppers.

But this will not make your patients calmer, but rather horny! Does not matter, you have enough gloves there, which you receive practically in the 100er pack and can therefore carry out all possible examinations. Ideally, you are also well-equipped in terms of sex toys and use anal speculum and Co. to get to know the anatomy of your counterpart. Is he wriggling too much? With a straitjacket, the problem is solved very quickly and you have all the time in the world to perform your examination.

Let me through - this is a medical emergency!

You still wonder why you always found the perfect dress for the next party in the medical look? We can tell you:

  • You exude clinical sex appeal
  • You're a doctor, they trust you
  • You have the right clothes on for fetish play
  • You have a reason to touch, the examination

The sexy clinic fashion is definitely too bad to wear it only as a costume. If you're already in a fetish apron, a urine sample that goes a little beside the cup is almost a must, right? Thanks to the washable materials of our outfits, you have the full playground in front of you and can decide for yourself how the examination of your next patient will proceed.

And if you just want to let yourself lie on the couch, slip into the straitjacket and someone else will decide what happens to you. You yourself can only embrace yourself, whether the examination in your rectum will be painful, you can at most guess. Do you know the code? A doctor never leaves the fetish party alone, so you know what you have to do.