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Medical Anal Locks & Specula

Specula & Locks
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Collins Speculum
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Anal Speculum - deep insights take your breath away...

... and provide realistic adventures around your medical play. Vanilla sex is nice every now and then - but sometimes it can be a bit harder, right? Do you enjoy slipping into different roles, taking a close look at your partner's hole - or do you like the feeling of stretching your own? No matter which role you can fully express yourself in - at Tom Rocket's you'll find everything for your ass-tastic adventure. Whether it's about butt plugs, giant dildos, or fisting - with an anal speculum, you ensure optimal stretching and hot insights into the back door beforehand.


Anal Speculum and Anal Spreader - what is that?

A speculum is actually a medical instrument for examining body openings. Medical specula (yes, that's the plural) are available for the nose, vagina, and rectum, for example. The latter can play an important (and hot) role in anal play.
The anal speculum (alternatively also rectal speculum) is inserted with a little lube and then opened to stretch the sphincter. The speculum allows free access, classically for an examination or for taking a medical sample. In contrast, the anal spreader has no opening but closes the spread anus.


What is the appeal of playing with an anal speculum and anal spreader?

These toys are often used in the setting of a BDSM session. The anal stretching with these special instruments sharpens the senses of the submissive partner. The bottom opens up to the top in the literal sense.
The use of the anal speculum in clinic sex role plays is quite similar. In these role plays, there is also a power gradient. One is the patient who has to "endure" the treatment or examination because he submits to the apparent medical competence of the top, who orders this treatment.


Anal Speculum: a hot toy for bottom and top

A rectal speculum holds pure pleasure for both parts: As a bottom, you can enjoy the stretching by the anal speculum, as a top you play the dominant part and prepare the sphincter in front of you for the main course.


Sesame open - an anal speculum prepares you for hot penetration

As a bottom, you enjoy sticking your butt out to the top - willingly and submissively? Perhaps you just love the gentle pain of stretching, or what comes after... Giant dildo, cock or butt plug fill you up and provide a uniquely hot feeling. In order for even large toys to fill your hole without pain, preparation is a must, and anal stretching is the magic word. Let the magic happen! The butt spreaders from Tom Rocket's can prepare your ass for anal play and therefore should not be missing in your toy drawer. In addition to plugs and the like for stretching, they offer a somewhat different incentive thanks to the medical flair and initiate one or two hot role plays.

Slip into your role and make sure that your counterpart takes care of your ass. After stretching with the anal speculum, your hole is ready for the right filling.


BDSM Speculum: Anal adventures as a bottom with the right "tool"

A firm butt is pushing towards your cock, you see the delicate rosette between the ass cheeks and you have to control yourself not to thrust as deep as possible right away? If reading already gets you in the mood, the anal spreaders and expanders could make your next fuck a little more exciting. They literally give you new insights into the hole and allow you to specifically stretch your partner's sphincter. A practical alternative to fingers, dildos and the like, which also offers new possibilities: A ring-shaped anal opener, for example, can not only stretch the back door, but also literally "keep it open" for toys and the like. Through the ring, for example, large dildos can then be easily inserted - and the praline in front of you gets the filling it deserves.

No matter what role you take: for stretching, the anal speculum is a little miracle weapon among the gay anal toys.


What are the different differences in the anal speculum?

Are you slowly getting a taste for it? Then here are a few details about the different models - there is the right anal expander for every purpose:

  • Stretching toys in different sizes: Every hole is different and also used to different things. While some are just starting their anal adventures, others are already in the middle of it. That's why you will find anal specula in different sizes with us. On the one hand, the length plays a role, on the other hand, of course, the width of the opening.
  • The anal spreaders can have different shapes and thus create a somewhat different feeling of stretching. Most anal specula have two long leaves that are inserted in the closed state and then opened, thus causing the stretching. They are reminiscent of a spreading pear, a medieval torture instrument. But there is also an anal speculum in ring form.
  • The function is also crucial when using the anal speculum. You can choose between an anal speculum that is inserted and then opened using a screw, or an anal speculum with handles.

No matter which anal speculum you choose - all models leave a lasting impression and ensure that you can enjoy the subsequent anal play even more intensively.


Tips for playing with anal speculum and anal spreaders

  • Pace: Even beginners can have fun with an anal speculum and anal spreaders, but they should not leave common sense out of the picture. Extreme stretching games with an anal speculum can lead to injuries. Therefore, always take it slow and work your way up gradually to the larger stretching.
  • Consent: As with all types of kink and BDSM games, all parties must discuss their desires and boundaries before engaging in the extreme game with an anal speculum. Always play with a safeword in case of doubt.
  • Hygiene: Our anal specula are made of stainless steel, which can be easily cleaned with water and a cleaning agent from our fetish drugstore, such as the sextoy cleaner.