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CBD Poppers
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What are CBD Poppers?

Many, especially our customers, are familiar with what Poppers are. But what does the "CBD" stand for in "CBD Poppers"? This is simply the abbreviation for the term Cannabidiol – an essential component of the hemp plant that, unlike THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), does not have intoxicating effects. Instead, it can have a positive impact on your physical well-being. Its effects have long been utilized in medicine.


Wait, so... weed Poppers? Cannabis Poppers!?


Close, but not quite. This aroma appeals to those interested in both CBD and cannabis, as it combines the sensual scent of CBD with the intense effects of a Poppers rush. A particularly fascinating and enticing combination!


Poppers Extreme CBD: Seductive Combination

The dilemma of choosing between Poppers or CBD is no longer necessary! CBD Poppers fuses these elements into an unparalleled experience. With nitrites, you can trust us: CBD Poppers will undoubtedly surpass all expectations! Room aromas support the activation of blood vessels and immediately induce a feeling of warmth. It proves to be a beneficial tool for creating a relaxing atmosphere at events, whether alone or in company. The positive facet of CBD-infused Poppers is its ability to generate remarkable and intense sensations within seconds, but which fade within a few minutes. That's precisely what enhances its allure: it places us in a state of holistic yet completely controlled well-being, which also lingers temporarily. An optimal supporter for parties, sex, or the curious!


Does Poppers Cannabis get you high?

Although the term "CBD" appears in the name, it's important to understand that these Poppers does not actually contain CBD. Instead, it is infused with a pleasant hemp fragrance – not CBD oil – which adds a subtle, aromatic dimension. This is because CBD oil doesn't mix well with the nitrites that make up Poppers. Nitrites include, among other things, water, which evaporates at room temperature. The oil would settle on top like a protective film, preventing evaporation and the creation of gases for inhalation. So, rest assured, the desired effects of the aroma remain unchanged and are experienced in the usual way!


Using CBD Poppers Correctly

To have an exciting CBD Poppers experience, it's important to follow certain steps for optimal results. Above all, ensure you are in a relaxed and safe environment, creating the right atmosphere for application. Once you're ready, gently open the bottle of CBD Poppers. Be sure to remove the cap gently to avoid spillage. After that, you have two options for using CBD Poppers.


  1. Inhalation: Hold the open bottle close to one nostril and breathe in gently while closing the other nostril. This method produces an immediate effect, as the CBD vapors are absorbed directly through the nasal mucosa.
  2. Diffusion: Allow the scent of CBD Poppers to circulate slowly in the room after opening the bottle. This creates a gentler and longer-lasting experience, as the CBD molecules are released gradually.


Regardless of the method chosen, it's crucial to follow the instructions on our website precisely to avoid overdosing. After use, be sure to seal the bottle carefully to preserve the freshness of the product. Since everyone reacts differently to CBD Poppers, pay close attention to your own reaction during and after use. If you feel uncomfortable or notice unwanted effects, discontinue use. Lastly, it's essential to check for potential interactions with other medications or substances you are taking. Inform yourself about potential issues to avoid unwanted effects. Remember to adequately educate yourself before using CBD Poppers and consult a physician if needed to ensure your safety. Our advice for using Poppers CBD:


  • Avoid contact with skin or mucous membranes
  • Not suitable for consumption
  • Always close the bottle after use as the aroma is volatile
  • CBD Poppers is flammable; keep it away from heat sources and flames
  • Never combine aromas with Viagra or other medications


CBD Poppers Review

If you're now interested in purchasing our CBD Poppers, we recommend looking at our Poppers shop. There, we offer a 10% discount for the purchase of 3 bottles of Poppers and even a 15% discount for the purchase of 6 bottles. The bottles are available in small (10 ml), medium (15 ml), and large (30 ml) sizes. The complete discount scale is listed in detail. Additionally, we have prepared an appealing bonus program for you! These bonus points can be redeemed later for free products or direct discounts on your orders.


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