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Durex Skin to Skin XXL 8 Pack
18.95 €*
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EXS Comfy Fit Black Latex 12 Condoms
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Buy condoms online

We advocate and recommend practicing safer sex in all circumstances and at every opportunity. The use of a condom is an important part of any modern approach to safe and good sex.

Better safe than sorry!

Despite incredible medical forest steps in treatment as well as prophylaxis, the use of condoms is THE tool to protect your partners and yourself from infection with HIV or another STI.

At Tom Rocket's you can get condoms from all leading manufacturers. We have divided our assortment into several categories:


Buy condoms online: many shapes, sizes and materials

Condoms are not all the same - because they come in many varieties. First of all, there are different shapes. We carry ribbed and nubbed condoms, which are primarily designed to add a little extra stimulation for the passive partner. Just like wet rubbers, nubby presers enhance sexual pleasure.

Very important is the size of the condoms Because by no means every cock is the same, there is a suitable Parisian for everyone. If you or your partner have a particularly large one, a condom in standard size will quickly become uncomfortable. And if the condom does not fit properly, it can I detached during wild sex. If it's too tight, you lose your erection or the condom breaks. That's why Tom Rocket's carries XXL condoms from Pasante, Big Boy Rilaco, London, Ceylor and many other brands.

Condoms fit just right for any dick

Very popular in the Tom Rocket's store are onesize condoms, which are available in eight different fits, so there's always just the right size for you and your lover! Strike immediately if you have searched in vain for a suitable Preservative until now and have not found. Our Onesize condoms come in a convenient pack of 50, so you can concentrate on the hot sex adventure without worrying! Onesize condoms are made of natural rubber latex, are moistened and transparent, so that your best piece also visually always comes out beautifully!

Strong condoms for tough love

If you prefer the rougher pace, look around in the category Extra strong. Here you will find thick condoms with the guarantee of long-lasting fun and reliable protection. The thicker material of the condoms as well as the particularly high-quality production guarantees long-lasting fun as well as reliable protection also with an extremely hard fuck.

Feel-proof condoms

You prefer it as natural as possible? Our products from the Ultra Thin-Condoms range reliably protect you and offer an especially intense and feeling-true experience.

Latex-free condoms for allergy sufferers

Because it is a particularly tear-resistant material, most condoms are made of latex. If you don't like latex, we have a selection of latex-free condoms for you to choose from. These condoms are made of polyurethane or high-tech sensoprene, which gives you plenty of security while still providing you with a soulful love adventure.

Specials from the condom range

Even those who have special wishes and requirements will get their money's worth with presents from Tom Rocket's.

  • Secura El Toro: The brand new condom from Secura with a particularly secure fit, which has an integrated potency ring and thus ensures a lasting love game.
  • .
  • Glow in the Dark: Luminous condoms put your best piece in the right light. Simply hold half a minute in the light and you are "ready to glow"!
  • Sico Marathon: This horny Präser made of natural rubber latex is provided with a dose of benzocaine, which has a slightly anesthetic effect. Order now for long stamina!
  • Green Love: With this product of the renowned manufacturer Billy Boy you can do something for the environment at the same time while fucking! Because for every purchased pack of condoms Billy Boy plants a tree.

Condoms must always go with!

Condoms always wrongly still have a bad reputation as a love killer. But there is nowadays no reasonable reason to do without the rubber during sex. Modern condoms are barely noticeable and thus actually true to feeling. And the rubbers are available in so many different variants that everyone can find a suitable one. Condoms are a safe contraceptive and provide reliable protection against STDs.

Luckily, condoms are inexpensive nowadays and come in convenient package sizes. It is best to always keep a larger pack of 50 or 100 ready. So you are on the safe side, especially if you often have spontaneous sex.

Simply order a selection condoms right away, try them out and find your favorite.

Buy condoms safely and discreetly at Tom Rocket's!

Shopping couldn't be easier! All the popular brands are represented at our store: From Billy Boy to Blausiegel, Mister B to Secura and Sico, you'll find all brands in our online drugstore. And while you're at it, you should also take a look at the large selection of lubricants for fucking, fisting and jerking off!