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Lockerroom Poppers at Tom Rocket's - premium selection and exclusive discounts await you

At Tom Rocket's, we proudly present our carefully curated selection of the legendary Lockerroom Poppers! We always seek the best and most potent products when assembling our offering, emphasizing high-quality aromas and secure manufacturers.

From the comfort of your home, you can place your aroma orders in our Gay Online Shop. With just a few clicks, you can complete your purchase and look forward to fast and reliable delivery. The secure and confidential handling of your personal information is of utmost importance to us. Our promise to you:

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Lockerroom Poppers – a wide variety of different aromas

In our Poppers shop, you'll find various Lockerroom Poppers alongside renowned manufacturers like RUSH, Amsterdam, and many others.

  • Iron Horse
  • Blue Boy
  • Jungle Juice
  • Wings
  • Manscent

We offer small (10 ml), medium (15 ml), and large (30 ml) bottles, as well as aroma packs. The choice of which Lockerroom Poppers you want to buy is up to you. Simply try them out and let the potent effect of this legendary substance captivate you. You can experiment with different variations to find your favourite.


Order Lockerroom Poppers Online Now

Would you like to buy Lockerroom Poppers online and save money? In our Poppers shop, we offer you a fantastic opportunity to do so with tiered quantity discounts! The more aromas you order, the more you can save! Additionally, we have a great bonus system for loyal customers. With each purchase, you accumulate points that you can later redeem for free products or an instant discount. Furthermore, we offer a discount tier for our aromas, with discounts of up to an astonishing 55%! Starting from 3 bottles, you'll already receive a 10% discount, and with 36 bottles, we offer a 40% price reduction. For orders of 144 bottles or more, you'll receive an impressive 55% discount!

No matter which aromas you choose in our online shop, you can be sure that we provide secure and discreet shipping as well as safe payment methods for your orders. You have the option to conveniently pay with credit cards (Mastercard, VISA, AMEX), instant bank transfer, PayPal, cash on delivery, or prepayment.


Grab the Original Lockerroom Poppers

The origins of Lockerroom Poppers date back to the 1970s when fashion-conscious American youth discovered an affordable euphoria. With the rise of driving disco music, amyl nitrite helped accelerate their hearts and minds to the beat of the disco rhythms. Manufacturers and entrepreneurs quickly reacted and packaged the product, once consumed in small metal cans on the dance floors of gay bars and discos in the 1960s, into attractively designed bottles with names like "Locker Room" Poppers, "RUSH," and "Jungle Juice."

One of the pioneers was Clifford Hassings, a medical student. Clifford came across amyl nitrite in the discos of Los Angeles when it first appeared, and primarily developed butyl nitrite for personal use. Later, he sold it in small brown bottles labelled "Locker Room"-Poppers because he found that it smelled like a men's locker room! Demand quickly rose, and Hassings founded West American Industries in Los Angeles, which produced Lockerroom Poppers on a large scale and distributed them in clubs, record stores, pharmacies, sex shops, and even gift shops in the United States and beyond! Other entrepreneurs quickly recognized the opportunity, especially PWD or Pacific Western Distributing Corp, based in San Francisco, under the leadership of Jay Freezer, introduced "RUSH" as the main competitor to Poppers "Locker Room."


Lockerroom Poppers and its Effects

Poppers is the colloquial name for aromas consisting of nitrites. They are volatile substances, typically bottled in small containers. After use, various events unfold in your body. Your pulse accelerates, and you feel the racing heart in your chest. A pleasant feeling of warmth floods your body as your blood vessels expand. Every part of your body is better circulated, including your aroused genitals. And from this point on, the real adventure begins.

Suddenly, your muscles relax, your tension diminishes, and the fear of penetration fades away. At the same time, your sensitivity increases, and you feel their touches much more intensely. The rush of aromas has taken hold of you. Now is the time to close your eyes and surrender because with aromas, you can enjoy relaxed sex like never before. Due to their rapid onset and short duration, they are particularly popular in the gay and BDSM scenes.

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