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Poppers effects & general information

Poppers effect and co. – that's what the flavours do to you

Are you looking for new adventures? Then Poppers is your rocket engine to the next galactic adventure. You've probably heard of Poppers before, right? There are many myths, many experiences and even more adventures about these little flies. But do you know what lies behind the poppers effect? The different types of nitrite, including amyl nitrite, make you feel relaxed, can make inhibitions in your head disappear and the high can promote relaxation of the muscles at the back entrance. It opens up your bloodstream, provides a pleasant warm tingling sensation and raises your erotic sensitivity during sex to a new level. Of course, this is only a small excerpt of possible Poppers effects. They can have a slightly different effect on everyone. One thing is clear: Poppers can be your additional rocket propulsion to space station XXX. In this article we explain exactly what effect these little bottles have and what you need to watch out for. Please read carefully the section „Safer Use of Poppers“.


Poppers and their effects

The collective term popperscolloquially refers to a group of nitrites that are mostly used as pleasure-enhancing scents in liquid form. In the past, poppers were usedto relieve the symptoms of angina pectoris due to the short-term dilatation of the coronary arteries caused by them. Precisely because of the manageable duration of effect of poppers, nitrites, especially butyl and isobutyl, were rediscovered as aphrodisiacs in the 1970s. Since then, they have been called poppers and are now important components of products known as ingredients in the various poppers.


What do poppers do?

Well, are you already thinking about whether poppers will be part of your next adventure? Then it could be that your sexual experiences intensify once again, because the pleasurable properties on the body increase your sensation during sex to a new level. Many people experience sex with poppers as special, because they perceive every thrust, every touch and everything more intensely. It is a kind of intoxication with feelings of happiness. And not only that: your muscles can also relax. So especially in terms of anal adventures, this can be interesting. The duration of effect of poppersusually amounts to a few minutes.

In short: Poppers can open wide the doors of your perception during sex. Sounds good?Then try it out – at Tom Rocket's you can find many varieties to try.


This is how you get your money's worth

Poppers are more than just a simple room scent – they provide a wave of intoxication and thus also relaxation. This way you can give your galactic adventures a proper turbo boost. No matter whether you are alone or in a group. To get your money's worth, you should test the different poppers brands and varieties. They differ in terms of nitrites: the basic effect of poppersremains the same, but the weighting of the effects can differ from brand to brand. Therefore: Try your way through. At Tom Rocket's, we offer you a hot selection of high-quality poppers whose effects you can rely on.

The poppers effect on men usually lasts between 2 and 5 minutes. But can the Poppers effect be prolonged? Not directly. You can only make sure that you order good quality poppers and store them properly. For the amyl nitrite effect to come into its own, storage is an essential factor. Ideally, you should store the bottles in the refrigerator, tightly closed. Once the poppers are opened, the nitrites can quickly decompose due to moisture and smell bad. Therefore: Until they are used, the refrigerator or a dark and cool place is obligatory.


Are there side effects with poppers?

The effect of poppers is intense – for some a thunderstorm of heat, for others a frenzied ecstasy. However, as with many things, side effects can occur with poppers. Headaches, skin irritations, dizziness or, in rare cases, heart palpitations are among them. In addition, high blood pressure, persistent coughing and vision problems may develop. If you feel uncomfortable with the use and effects of poppers, stop your activities and leave the room.

It is important that you do not use poppers with other medicines, sexual enhancers etc.

  • Poppers with alcohol or cannabis: Poppers are often combined with alcohol and/or cannabis. The more alcohol / cannabis is consumed, the higher the already strong circulatory stress and dizziness and nausea can occur.
  • Poppers and sexual enhancers: Poppers should under no circumstances be combined with Viagra, Cialis, Levitra or other sexual enhancers from the PDE-5 inhibitor series, because a drop in blood pressure that is too extreme can pose a danger to life.
  • Poppers in combination with heroin, ketamines or nitrous oxide: These substances have a depressant effect. In combination with the active ingredient of Poppers, this can increase and there is a higher risk of unconsciousness, respiratory arrest or coma.
  • Poppers and stimulants: Cocaine or speed in combination with the poppers effect can cause a life-threatening cardiovascular strain.
  • Poppers with medication: If you are taking medication for low blood pressure, epilepsy or similar, you should not use poppers. A sudden, life-threatening drop in blood pressure can be the result.


When popping, observe safer use

We have some important tips here around the effects of poppers and safe use:

  • Never use poppers in case of cardiovascular diseases, cardiac arrhythmias, heart valve defects, a weakened heart muscle, brain injuries or brain damage and arterial dilatations (aneurysms), as well as during pregnancy. The consequences can sometimes be life-threatening.
  • Never drink poppers and avoid contact with skin, mucous membranes and eyes
  • Despite your ecstasy, still think about safer sex– pull out the condom at best – before poppers are used!
  • Hot sex is great. But: You should never use poppers in connection with open fires, candles etc.
  • Only order high-quality poppers. Their effect is better and counterfeits may not offer you the best quality. Only original sealed branded goods are guaranteed to be clean and pure and enable the best popper effect.


The Poppers effect for your sex – are you curious?

You're not alone in this. From casual anal play to intense orgasms, the effects of poppers are to your liking. For some, poppers are a nice addition, for others an upgrade to first class on the flight to orgasmic heaven. We say: try it out! At Tom Rocket's we have effective poppers in stock for you. All kinds of flavours are waiting to show you how poppers work. But beware: ecstasy is somewhat pre-programmed. Despite the high, always pay attention to the safety of yourself and your counterpart.