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Rush Original PWD Tall
13.90 €*
Content 24 ml
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Original PWD Poppers

Well, for those who love poppers, names like "PWD Popper" or "RUSH PWD" are likely familiar. These are our popular varieties from a very special brand, one of the OGs of poppers, responsible for much of the exhilarating men's sex experiences. In 1976, W. Jay Freezer founded Pacific Western Distributing in San Francisco and began selling RUSH, a name he came up with due to the short, dizzying sensation that poppers can induce. Eventually, the company's initials also became the namesake for this variety of poppers.

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PWD RUSH Poppers: Effects and Usage

Informally referred to as PWD Poppers, a group of nitrites is often used in liquid form as fragrances to enhance the sense of pleasure. The term "poppers" comes from "to pop" in English, which means to burst or crack. Nitrites were originally used in the 19th century to treat angina pectoris in glass ampoules that were broken when needed, producing the "pop" sound, which led to the name.

Today, they are particularly popular among gay men. Many proud gay men rely on the pleasure-enhancing effects of PWD Poppers. The individual experience depends on the chosen products and varies from person to person and body, as reactions naturally differ. However, many describe a pleasant, tingling sensation. Touches are perceived more intensely, while sensitivity to pain decreases. Anal sex becomes easier, and larger sex toys can be inserted more comfortably. Many men who use PWD Poppers during sex report more intense experiences and longer, stronger orgasms. The effects can include:


  • Warm sensation and increased heart rate
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Reduced pain sensitivity
  • Enhanced sensitivity to touch
  • Heightened sexual desire


To protect yourself and others to the fullest, it's important to understand the risks and potential dangers associated with PWD Poppers and use them responsibly. Your health should always be a priority! Here are some important points to consider:


  • Never combine PWD Poppers with Viagra or similar substances.
  • Don't consume room aromas together with other drugs or alcohol.
  • Never swallow or ingest PWD Poppers in any way.


PWD Poppers for Sale

Wherever your desire for an exciting experience ignites – we discreetly deliver our wide selection of over 300 different aroma varieties to you! We always prioritize top-quality and effective room fragrances from renowned manufacturers to provide you with the best experience. With just a few mouse clicks, you can order your preferred RUSH Poppers PWD and look forward to fast and reliable delivery. Our products are carefully packaged to arrive in perfect condition. We value your privacy, ensuring that your personal information is treated securely and confidentially. Our promise to you:


  • Affordable shipping
  • Top-notch quality
  • Competent and friendly advice
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  • Enjoy a safe and worry-free shopping experience with us!


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So, if you have any questions, let us know! Our Tom Rocket's customer service team is eager to assist you with any questions and concerns regarding PWD Poppers. We want your shopping experience to go smoothly so that it can become exciting and thrilling very soon. Come visit our Aromas Online Shop and discover the world of spicy gay fun! Let our irresistible selection seduce you and enjoy unforgettable moments. We can't wait to welcome you as a loyal customer! Learn more about Rush PWD Poppers, intake, and effects here:


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