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Experience: poppers during sex

Poppers and Sex – What you need to know about the hot flames

Poppers – the little extra kick for fiery, intense adventures. Does this sound familiar?In the gay scene, the poppers can be found in many nightstand drawers (or rather refrigerators). Have you ever used such a bottle? Today it's all about poppers and sex. What is poppers? What does it do to your sex? We explain it to you!


Poppers – the hot sex drug simply explained

First of all, poppers are a very popular additive for hot adventures. They are used as a kind of intoxicant and increase sexual arousal and sensitivity during lovemaking. But that's not all; Poppers have versatile effectsduring sex. And where do they come from?

Poppers are flavours and room fragrances that contain nitrites, for example amyl nitrite. Originally used for other medicinal purposes, these substances can lower blood pressure when released. This state of intoxication also leads to a short-term relaxation of the muscles, including the sphincter. It is also often mentioned that sensitivity and arousal increase and that the sensation during sex is simply more intense and hornier. In addition to the effects that are felt on the body, they also lower inhibitions and reduce sensitivity to pain. A tingling, warm feeling, an adventurous rush, more intense senses – everyone feels and describes sex with poppers a little differently.


Poppers & anal sex – a hot combination

For a long time now, poppers have been an indispensable part of many adult playrooms. They intensify hot spots, sensations and more. But many gays use poppers during sex precisely because of one important point: with poppers they experience a horny state of intoxication that supports muscle relaxation, lowers inhibitions and releases euphoria.

They can support muscle relaxation, lower inhibitions and release euphoria. Simply put, this means: Poppers is the ideal companionfor anal sex. The sphincter muscle can be loosened, penetration is easier and some feel a sense of spaciousness and greater receptivity. Sounds good?Oh yeah – no wonder poppers are called a sex drug, right? Nothing stands in the way of hot and steamy adventures with poppers. Nevertheless, you should of course be aware of the use and always pay attention to the correct anal stretching.


Poppers and sex toys

When it comes to adventurous anal play sex toys are usually not far behind. With poppers you can push your lust and that of your partner to the extreme. In addition, poppers melt inhibitions during sex due to the intoxication. In this way, the games can also go beyond the usual limits. Nevertheless, the physical conditions should always be taken into account and respected. In principle, however, poppers can be used with all toys during sex.


Is poppers a legal sex drug?

Poppers and sex drugDoes that fit together at all?In a way it does, because some users find the effect of the flavours intoxicating. Nevertheless, it is not an illegal drug. The use of poppers as a sexual stimulant is now widespread in the gay community. But are the purchase and use of poppers for sex legal at all?Yes. In most European countries – and also in Germany – both the possession and the use of poppers during sex is legal. However, it is important that you always pay attention to the correct application.


How should poppers be stored for sex?

If you use the flavours, then of course you should also benefit from the full effect, right? For this to work, there are a few things you should keep in mind during storage:

  • Store the bottles cool and dry away from heat sources and sunlight. Too high a temperature can have a negative effect on the quality.
  • The best way to store poppers before sex is in the refrigerator. This keeps them fresh.
  • Sniff beforehand? Nothing there – once the bottles are opened, the chemical base can vaporize. Therefore only open it when you want to use!


Poppers during sex & side effects

For many gays, sex and poppersare two things that simply go together. With all the enthusiasm, however, it should be noted that they can also have side effects. Dizziness, headaches and skin irritations may occur. Heart palpitations or a rapid drop in blood pressure are also possible. In case of overdose there may be nausea, vomiting and more. Therefore, it is important to always pay attention to the packaging instructions and to use poppers responsibly during sex, even if sex is anything but sensible at the moment.

Important: Poppers should never be used during sex in combination with other medicines or sexual enhancers. They should also not be used if you have a pre-existing condition of the cardiovascular system.

As with everything in life, responsible use plays an important role. Always take care of your body. When you get your first experience of poppers, take it easy.

If you want to use poppers during sex, keep the following in mind:

  • Read the instructions on the bottles beforehand
  • Do not combine poppers as a sex drug with other medicines. Even sexual enhancers are a no-go and pose a health risk!
  • Never swallow poppers. 
  • The liquid in the bottles can cause skin irritation. Therefore, be careful when handling or wear latex gloves.
  • When the heat is on, watch out for the bottles. If they are knocked over, the contents can damage cushions, pillows and the like.
  • Buy only high-quality poppers in reputable shops.


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