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The power and passion of Brutus Xtra Strong poppers in the iconic bottle

Be ready for the ultimate in strength and freshness with the outstanding new Brutus Xtra Strong Poppers, presented in an indestructible aluminium bottle with safety cap. Experience unparalleled sensations with this flavour, made from extra pure and potent pentyl nitrite, a very strong nitrate. As soon as you open the bottle, its incredible scent fills the room and prepares you for extremely passionate moments, whether alone or with a partner.
Aromas are now known for their exciting sensations and are used by many people, especially for "Popperbate": masturbation with Brutus Poppers. Put on your favourite cock ring and get ready for exciting moments with the brand-new flavours for true gladiators!

Following their impressive range of premium quality, seamless silicone love toys such as penis rings, dilators, nipple suckers and anal sex toys such as plugs, tunnels and chains, which offer a caressing experience, smooth and safe insertion, Brutus has invested their acquired know-how in these impressive aromas - the new Brutus Xtra Strong Poppers.
When used, an exciting interaction unfolds in your body. During the application, an exciting interaction unfolds in your body. Your heartbeat accelerates, a pleasant throbbing fills your chest. Soothing warmth flows through you as your blood vessels dilate. From here your adventure begins. Thanks to Brutus Poppers, your muscles loosen, inhibitions vanish and fears disappear. At the same time, your sensibility is heightened and touch is perceived more intensely. The intoxication of Brutus Poppers unfolds its effect. It's time to close your eyes and surrender, because with the aroma, you will experience a passionate encounter in a relaxed and pleasurable way.


Brutus Poppers - easy & convenient ordering at Tom Rockets!

Poppers Brutus are a particularly strong and powerful variant of these aromas that promise an intense and unforgettable experience. With a wide selection of high-quality products and different varieties, we offer you the opportunity to order your favourite flavours conveniently online. For those looking for an extraordinary and stimulating treat, Brutus Poppers by Tom Rockets are the ideal choice. Just choose your favourite flavours, order and get ready for an exciting experience!
Whether you choose Brutus Poppers or other products from our online shop, you can always be sure of discreet and reliable shipping and secure payment processing for all your orders. We offer various secure payment options, including credit cards (Mastercard, VISA Card, AMEX), instant bank transfer, PayPal and cash on delivery. Alternatively, you can also transfer the money to us in advance. This way, you can complete your order safely and comfortably.

ATTENTION: All aromas in our shop are room fragrances and may officially not be inhaled directly from the bottle! We hereby distance ourselves from the improper use of our products. The sale in our shop only takes place to persons over 18 years of age!


Brutus Xtra Strong - in different sizes, now available in our shop!

In our extensive shop you will find Brutus Xtra Strong Poppers as well as a wide range of other flavours from well-known manufacturers like RUSH, Lockerroom, Amsterdam and more. Our range includes small (10ml), medium (15ml) and large (30ml) popper bottles, in addition to convenient flavour packs:

  • Brutus Xtra Strong XL
  • Poppers Brutus Xtra Strong small

If you've got a taste for it or want to throw a party and buy more Brutus Xtra Strong Poppers, we offer a great way to save money in our shop. Because with us, you get a staggered quantity discount!
This means you can get flavours with up to an amazing 55% discount! From an order of 3 bottles, you already get a 10% discount, from 36 pieces, we grant a 40% discount and from 144 pieces, you can benefit from an impressive discount of 55%!
With increasing order quantities, you can save even more! As a loyal customer, you also benefit from our great bonus system: you collect points with every purchase, which you can redeem either for free products or an instant discount.


Brutus brand poppers - Sniff It, Baby!

If you have any questions about our Brutus Poppers, please feel free to contact us. Our Tom Rocket's customer service team is at your disposal and can be reached via chat or Whatsapp during the day. We always strive to make your shopping experience smooth and satisfying. Visit our Poppers online shop today and immerse yourself in the exciting world of flavours. Enjoy pleasurable moments and unforgettable experiences. We look forward to welcoming you as a loyal customer!
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