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Anal Relax
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PJUR Back Door Anal Spray
14.95 €*
Content 20 ml
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Anal Relax Sprays for anal relaxation: Don't be afraid of deep experiences

Your first anal experience? Anal sex is sometimes a real challenge, and not just for beginners, because even experienced gays often worry that it will hurt. But you can remedy this. We have powers and aidsthat will help you have even better sex in any situation. The anal area is sensitive and the nervousness you feel is a completely normal effect. But why be in pain when you can ensure relaxation and relaxed anal sex with the right anal cream?

Anal Relax Sprays are a helper that lightly numbs your sensitive orifice and ensures that you can look forward to his cock in a relaxed manner. They are also perfect for fisting or for using large XL toys. You simply always need them, because with the relaxation cream or an innovative spray you are more relaxed, open up almost automatically and have less pain. Even the first anal sex of your life will be a moment of pleasure that you will never forget.


Anal Relax Sprays: no cramps, no pain – this is how anal sex gets hot

You've just popped the latest poppers and your libido is at 100%? Are you relaxed and open; are your muscles ready to take him in? An anal relax spray or cream is the perfect solution to make penetration smooth and without delay. Lightly cooling the anus, the feeling is fully preserved, but the sphincter muscle is even better relaxed. This allows your partner to penetrate you deeply with his XXL cock without any problems. An anal relax spray is of course also perfect for solo sex with particularly large toys. Our Anal Relax sprays and gels offer you:

  • Mucous membrane-friendly ingredients
  • fat-free and oil-free substances
  • dermatological tests of many products
  • relaxed and ecstatic anal sex


The biggest problem with anal sex is a lack of preparation. Not taking an anal showeris just as big a mistake as straining, which makes penetrating his penis painful. Anal sprays support you in this by completely relaxing your muscle in just a few minutes and thus ensuring that you open up for him. You can not only feel it, you can see it. If you spray his bum with one of our sprays, you can watch him open up for you. There's no stopping you, it'll be really deep and hot.


It really fits in there – with the help of our Anal Relax Spray

Just look at this XL fisting dildo as it stands before you in its full splendour. It's never going in there, is it? Yes, it will if you prepare your anal area properly. Lube is essential anyway, but as an experienced gay man, you know that yourself. However, there are other ways you can practise pain-free anal sex with toys or with a really hot guy. Sprays that gently numb and relax your muscles are a luxury and a guarantee for relaxed anal sex.

Try it out for yourself, even this XL fisting dildo will conquer you when your ring muscle relaxes and opens the gates to penetration. The anal canal is extremely flexible, the biggest challenge is the sphincter muscle, which acts bravely and reliably as a door opener. Sting it with an anal relax spray, which makes it buttery soft and easy to overcome.


Success with the Anal Relax Spray

With Tom Rocket’s Anal Relax Sprays, you have several advantages at once: An anal spray for relaxation is not only the key to making your backside open up more easily and giving you less pain, but it can also significantly reduce the risk of injury. Relaxed tissue and a relaxed sphincter muscle are better able to withstand the intense friction - less pain, less friction, no injuries! Anal relaxation sprays therefore also offer fantastic opportunities for more experienced gays.

Thanks to its slightly numbing effect, Anal Relax Spray also increases pleasure during penetration, as the cooling effect reduces the sensation of pain. Especially with such sensitive body parts, the feeling of pain often overrides the pleasurable sensations that are also present. Not any more, because with Tom Rocket’s Anal Relax Sprays, he will take you to seventh heaven!


Watch out, it's slippery: Betäubendes Analspray with gliding properties

If you were planning to use lubricant anyway, anal relax sprays with lubricating properties are particularly suitable. Some anal relaxation creams can also be used here – they not only moisturise, but also nourish and make penetration even more relaxed.

So if you want to take care of yourself during anal intercourse without having to spend ages preparing, you'll be well served with nourishing and lubricating anal relax sprays or creams.


Stay loose – I've got Anal Spray

Have you hooked up with an inexperienced gay guy again and want to give him the anal wonderland experience? One of our Anal Relax Sprays is the perfect way to make it work and take some of the edge off. This way, you can both enjoy your time together, and he won't forget the evening in a hurry... But maybe you're new to anal play yourself, and you want to approach the topic carefully? Both alone and with a partner, you can have great experiences with a Numbing Anal Spray.

And no matter how tight you are, from now on you won't be afraid of big things any more! Because with the Anal Relax Spray from Tom Rocket’s, pure deep relaxation is possible even with the biggest of cocks. With the anal sex spray for extra relaxation, you can vape without the doctor coming. It won't just make your heart beat faster, but also your bum!