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Nice aroma - poppers are legal!

Are poppers actually legal?

Poppers – they make many a girl's eyes sparkle, increase ecstasy and provide for tingling adventures.Well, does that sound familiar? Maybe you have already held the little bottles in your hand and experienced their effect during lustful games. As much fun as that is, many still wonder: Are poppers legal? Of course we can't answer this question for every country. But in Germany, poppers are legal. In this article, we explain what is important and what matters. So buckle up and get informed before your trip into the sex orbit with poppers starts.


Legal poppers: here's what it's all about

Poppers consist of nitrites as well as fragrances and flavours. They do lead to uninhibitedness, increased pleasure and other horny things during sex, but they do not have any abuse or addiction potential and therefore donotfallunderthe German Medicines or Narcotics Act. Thus, poppers are legal in Germany. Both the purchase and the possession are allowed.

There are always people who think poppers are illegal in Germany. Have you ever been sceptical about using them? Here are the most important reasons why poppers are legal in Germany:

  • The active ingredients donotdepend.
  • Poppers fallnotunder the Medicines Act.
  • The substances arenot hallucinogenic and can therefore be clearly distinguished from drugs.

So you don't have to worry about using legal poppers on your adventures, but can simply enjoy.


Poppers while travelling – where are they legal?

You want to go on holiday and don't want to miss out on that certain something when it comes to sex on the road? Of course, the bottles are small and fit easily into your luggage. So nothing stands in the way of a sexy holiday – or? That all depends on where the trip goes. In some countries, like Germany, Austria or Switzerland, poppers are legal and you can simply enter the country with them. But in some other countries, especially outside the EU, you should be careful. Some countries like Russia, Saudi Arabia or Singapore ban the substances. So before you let the bottles disappear between your jocks in your suitcase, you should inform yourself about the laws of your holiday country. This way you can avoid fines and legal problems.


Is ordering poppers a criminal offence?

No. Not only the possession, but also the purchase of poppers is legal. Accordingly, you can easily order poppers online. However, it is important that you buy the flavours exclusively in reputable shops and from well-known brands. The quality and safe packaging of the active ingredients are important so that nothing goes wrong and you can rely on the effect.

As with many things, however, there are restrictions: The purchase of poppers is only legal to those of legal age.


Away from poppers legality: safe handling is important

Poppers are not illegal and you can order them without feeling bad … and enjoy their hot effect to the full. Even without legal restrictions, however, safe handling is important:and it is important

  • Always pay attention to the information you find on the packets.
  • Do not use poppers if you have a history of cardiovascular disease or similar. In that case, there is a great health risk that you should not take under any circumstances.
  • Do not use poppers in combination with other medicines – not even with sexual enhancers!
  • Poppers should not be ingested or come into contact with skin or mucous membranes. There is a danger from injuries.


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