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Pasante Silk Thin Condoms 12 Pack
Pasante Silk Thin Condoms 12 Pack Particularly thin and with a special silky touch, these high-quality condoms ensure a really natural and exciting feeling! These condoms are ✔ Particularly thin ✔ Smooth ✔ Transparent ✔ With reservoir ✔...
6.95 €*
in stock
Pasante Glow Effect Condoms 3 Pack
Pasante Glow Effect Condoms 3 Pack With the practical three-pack that fits in every pocket, you can now add some extra color to your love life. Simply hold the condom with the transparent packaging side against a light source for 30...
3.95 €*
in stock
Pasante Delay Infinity Condoms 12 Pack
Pasante Delay Infinity With the Delay Infinity condoms you can do it for a long time, thanks to the light formula with a numbing effect. This allows you to hold out for a particularly long time and ensure your partner extreme...
6.95 €*
in stock
Pasante Extra Safe
Pasante Extra Safe Extra thick condoms with a guarantee for long-lasting fun and reliable protection. The extra portion of silicone oil ensures particularly good and long lasting fun. These condoms are ✔ Extra strong ✔ Transparent ✔...
From 1.95 €*
Pasante Regular Condoms
Pasante Regular Anatomically shaped for a comfortable fit with maximum safety, the condoms ensure a very natural feeling. Moistened with silicone oil. These condoms are ✔ Comfort-Fit ✔ Transparent ✔ Moist ✔ Made of natural rubber latex ✔...
From 1.95 €*
Pasante Feel Ultra thin
Pasante Feel Ultra Thin Very thin and yet extremely reliable protective for ax extra natural feeling. These condoms are ✔ Extra thin ✔ Transparent ✔ Moist ✔ Made of natural rubber latex ✔ Smooth and cylindrical Nominal width: 52 mm...
From 1.95 €*
Pasante Trim Tight Fit Condoms
Safe sex with a tight fit! Moistened condoms especially for the slimmer guys among us ;) The tight fit ensures a secure but comfortable fit and at the same time provides an extremely good feeling when it starts getting hot! These condoms...
From 1.95 €*
Pasante King King Size Condoms
Pasante King Size Condoms The condoms for extra comfort for easy putting on and unrolling. They are wider and longer, so that they give anyone who is particularly well stocked an extra good and secure feeling. These condoms are ✔ Extra...
From 1.95 €*