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Condoms with nubs and ribs: so sexy is safe

If you need condoms, you've come to the right place at Tom Rockets. Whether you want an XXL condom, a particularly tight or a particularly thin condom, we have the right rubber for you in our online sex store. Because if the condom fits really well, only then it also feels really good. We also carry condoms with nubs and ribs, which provide additional excitement, but also meet the safety requirements.

Nubbed or ribbed condoms: What's the point?

So what's so special about ribbed and dotted condoms and why would you want to use them? Unlike regular condoms, which come with a smooth surface, these condoms have a textured surface. Nubs and/or ridges are placed in strategic places to create a more intense sensation during penetration.

What is the difference between ribs and nubs?

In nubbed condoms, you'll find dot-like protrusions in the material, while in the ribbed condom, these structures are more elongated. Some condoms have both types of protrusions - in marketing, these are often referred to as "rips and dots".

What all of these types of condoms have in common is that the elevations on the surface are for stimulation. The surface texture of these rubbers provide additional arousal that contributes to more satisfying, intimate sex. Incidentally, there are also prongs that have nubs or ridges on the inside, so that not only the passive partner benefits from the extra stimulation, but also the wearer of the condom.

Do ribbed and nubbed condoms protect as reliably as normal condoms?

Yes. All manufacturers must maintain their high quality and safety standards for these condoms as well.

There is no one type of condom that fits everyone. Since we all differ down below and everyone has different likes and dislikes, it can be helpful to experiment. Try different types of condoms with your partner until you find one that suits you and that you feel good with. With our ribbed and nubbed condoms, you don't have to worry about safe sex anymore, and you'll get extra stimulation that you and your partner might find especially pleasurable and lustful.

Condoms with ridges and nubs give you a sense of security, knowing that they are protecting you and your partner. Plus, they give your confidence a little boost when you like it and turn your partner on. A little secret weapon for exciting play between the sheets.

Buy condoms safely and discreetly at Tom Rocket's!

Despite incredible medical advances in the treatment of STDs, condoms are still the most important and easiest tool to protect your partners and yourself from infection with HIV or any other disease.

In our online store you can find all the well-known brands. And while you're at it, you should also take a look at the large selection of lubricants for fucking, fisting and jerking off!

If you are still unsure which condoms to buy, then get an overview of all condoms at Tom Rockets!