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Splashers Lubricant Capsules
Always and everywhere ready to fuck! The Splashers lubricant capsules melt in your butt and not in the hand - with these super practical lubricant capsules, the tiresome fiddling around with sticky lubricant bottles - very impractical,...
From 19.95 €*
Pheromone Stimulator Spray
Simply seductive! This innovative pheromone stimulator will make your charisma even more intense for others. Simply apply some perfume on your neck, chest, wrists or other parts of the body, let it set for a short time and be...
11.95 €*
in stock
CBD Cannabis Masturbation Cream 50 ml
The CBD Cannabis Masturbation Cream is a brand new formula that takes your solo session to a whole new level! This product contains the active substance CBD (cannabidiol). The cream works intensively to moisturize the skin. Apply a small...
19.95 €*
in stock